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East Meadow Plumbing and Heating specializes in designing, engineering, and installing complete comfort systems for owners of existing homes and buildings just like yours. We take special pride in the craftsmen we train and employ--a fact you'll notice immediately in the attitude and integrity they bring to your job site. Our entire company works hard to make your experience with us hassle-free and enjoyable. Should we make a mistake, we will do everything in our power to correct it to your satisfaction.


East Meadow Plumbing and Heating

The East Meadow Plumbing and Heating business is like no other Plumbing Contractor. Whether we’re working for one of the largest residential builders, commercial & industrial customers or individual home owners, we strive to meet and frequently exceed our customers’ expectations, creating new benchmarks for customer satisfaction in our industry.

  • New Homes
  • Commercial & Industrial Installations
  • Civil Works
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Rain Water Tanks & Pumps
  • Gas Fitting
  • Grey Water & Water Saving Devices
  • Drainage & Sewer
  • Roofing
  • Air Conditioning
  • Fire Protection
  • Solar Hot Water Systems

Our market leadership position has been earned through innovation, planning, use of quality systems and attention to providing the highest levels of customer service. This ensures we remain our customers’ first choice when they are selecting a Plumbing Contractor.

Our international supplier relationships and superior business systems give us a unique competitive advantage that is the envy of the industry.

When you need help with plumbing, heating and drainage, East Meadow Plumbing and Heating always knows best!  Servicing 24/7 all day every day, East Meadow Plumbing and Heating 's technicians (red seal certified drainage, heating and plumbing) are always up to the test. Any Commercial service or Residential service is no sweat for East Meadow Plumbing and Heating.  We provide plumbing, heating and drainage service all across the US.
East Meadow Plumbing and Heating technicians take that extra special care to make sure all your questions are answered before they leave the job site. All plumbing, heating, renovation, boiler installation and new construction jobs are done cleanly and professionally.